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So long, farewell.
gissel, me
My best friend leaves tomorrow. In....26 1/2 hours actually. She's moving to Florida because she's part of the Disney College Program so she gets to work there for 6th months. She used to be excited but now that it's finally hit her, she's pretty bummed about the whole thing. I know she still wants to leave, no matter what she says. She's just scared because she's never been away from home for more than 2 weeks at the most, I believe. I've been ignoring the fact that she's leaving every chance I get because I hate crying but, after tonight, I won't see her again until August. Actually, God forbid, what if I never see her again? I have a lot of friends, I have even more acquaintances, and I have a few best friends, but this friend that's leaving is the only one I've ever actually met and she's leaving. I can't even think about what I'm supposed to do, and I worry for her. She's my babyyyy. I taught the girl manners and that she could actually TRUST people, I taught her how to grow up when necessary and de-age on other terms. She's my bestest friend and we spend, like, all of our time together. Literally. I know, I should be happy for her because it's an amazing experience, and I get that, but I wanna be selfish just this once. I want her to stay with me until I'm ready for her to leave, until I'm ready to detach from her. Now, I don't really talk to people, I talk to computers (obviously) about feelings and junk, but this girl was the girl I told everything and we finished each other's sentences and we got all of each other's jokes and she calls me funny when I'm funnyyyyy! Idk, I guess in a general sense, it's not that important. I'm almost positive she'll make it to Florida safely and she'll love every second and she'll come back a better person, but what if that's what I'm afraid of. What if I lose because she comes back as a different person. Idk what I'd do if that happened. She totally understands me and that's sooooo hard for me to find because I'm a mixture of types of people and I don't fit in with a GROUP, I fit in with  a person. I know I have other friends, I know we can skype all the time, but it's not the same. 

My best friend leaves in 26 hours and 15 minutes and I'm not the least bit ready for her to go :(


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